The IIA (Indian Institute of Architects) was founded on 12th May 1917 by Past students of Architecture of the Sir J.J. School of Arts and then known as the ARCHITECTURAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION. In 1922 it was re-christened “The Bombay Architectural Association” and subsequently gained affiliation to RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) in 1925. The Indian Institute of Architects, as we know it today, came into existence on 2nd September 1929 with membership strength of 158 architects. Today its strength has crossed 20000.

The Institute has a major role to play in promoting the Profession of Architecture, reaching out to the length and breadth of India through its 22 Chapters, 59 Centres and 17 Sub-Centres.

Amongst its objectives are…. 

‘to organise and unite in fellowship the Architects of the Republic of India and to combine the effort of Architects so as to promote aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession’

The IIA Surat Centre, chartered on 1st February 1990 has been one of the most active Centres, winning the Best Centre Award 7 times!


With a view to advancement of the Interior Design Profession in India, the Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID), as it was then known, was founded in 1972, to establish good professional & trade practices and ethics among its members; to highlight and enhance the image of Interior Design Profession and exchange know how with similar organizations in other countries.  Today, it comprises over 7800 members spread across 30 Chapters and Centres with a Mission Statement…..

To consolidate and expand the contribution of Interior Design Profession towards improving quality of life in contemporary and future societies by sharing of knowledge, experience and understanding. 

The IIID has a multi category membership with the Associates / Fellow and Trade & Corporate Categories forming the core of the Institution. Other categories include Affiliate, Education, Licentiate, Student, Press and Honorary Members.

The Surat Centre of the IIID was chartered on 6th March 1999 with 83 members. Since then it has grown from strength to strength, having bagged the Best Chapter Award 5 times!


The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) Surat Centre and the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) Surat Regional Chapter share a very unique and symbiotic relationship and organise a wide plethora of activities. It is the only city in India where both these premier Design Organizations have been working hand in hand for over 18 years towards raising the Standards of Professional practice in this part of the country by organising Seminars, Workshops, Technical Tours to product Manufacturing units, Socially relevant events, Fellowship programs and now IIID Showcase INFINITY 2018 !



Among the top reasons for attending IIID SHOWCASE ‘INFINITY 2018’ is that it is going to be a great place to find new inspiration. “As an Architect S an interior designer, I think this is invaluable.” I also like to have the pulse of what’s going on in the world. In IIID SHOWCASE one will get to see what’s happening, including new materials, new developments across products verticals. Architects, Designers and everyone else who attends will come away having spotted things they have never seen before, which they can use creatively and artistically.

Our vision is for you to see things beyond what’s in the showrooms, to go there and come back so charged and so Inspired.”



Vision for INFINITY

IIID Showcase INFINITY ’18 has been envisaged as confluence of the ‘best in design’ in Architecture and Interior Design. The prime focus is to organize a high-quality exhibition of Building material and Interior products and a series of events that will offer competitive advantage for companies looking to expands their business in Gujarat. It is aimed at elevating and redefining the perception of the design industry of Surat. I’m sure that the confluence of the best products and the best designers of the region will prove to be a game changer by showing the opportunities and possibilities available to all. I look forward to seeing you all at INFINITY.



The Relationship between Designers and the Trade fraternity is synergetic and one of interdependence. Ideas and creativity need to be supported with appropriate material and technology advancements. So for the Architect, the Interior Designer and indeed the end user, IIID Showcase INFINITY 2018 will be the place to source the most recent developments and trends across a vast range of products.

However, for us, simply giving you an insight into the most recent developments is not enough; we intend to Showcase the same within an environment that is as appealing and as creative as the products themselves! IIID Showcase INFINITY 2018 promises to be something the city has never witnessed before… something that will leave even the most casual visitor greatly inspired.

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Congratulations to IIID, Surat (Institute of Indian Interior Designers, Surat Regional Chapter) & IIA, Surat (The Indian Institute of Architects) for presenting IIID SHOWCASE, INIFINITY ’18. I heartly wishes to All Architects and Builders of Gujarat that this Showcase will become grand success for them.

My Warm regardes to this IIID SHOWCASE, INIFINITY ’18, that this event take Surat and Gujarat at international level.

Jay Hind, Jay Garvi Gujarat.



Architecture and Interior designers have main role in progress and development of any city. These two branches become identical in governance operation. IIID SHOWCASE, INFINITY ’18 IIID, Surat and IIA, Surat have given great contribution for very developing city like Surat. My heartily regrades to this mega event success.

Jay Bharat, Jay Gujarat.



It is with great pleasure that I have come to learn that Institute of Indian Interior Designers, Surat Regional Chapter (IIID) and Indian Institute of Architects Surat Centre (IIA) are organising an exhibition of Building Materials and Interior Products through IIID SHOWCASE INFINITY ’18. With this show it will help Real Estate Developers to know more about new product trends and also Surat City will know more about new concepts in Architecture S Interior Designing at one place. I wish the whole IIID SHOWCASE INFINITY Team all the very best and thank them for bringing such a concept and unique show for the city.